Who Should Take this Course?

This course starts from the beginning, though some prior experience with photo or video editing is recommended. If you have Blackmagic Fusion 9 (free version is sufficient) installed, you are good to go.

  • Beginning artists and hobbyists who want to create stunning effects & motion graphics.

  • Video editors and 3D artists who want a structured introduction to VFX & compositing.

  • Users of software like After Effects and Nuke who want to migrate to Blackmagic Fusion or add Fusion to their repertoire.

  • Create photo-realistic composites and convincing effects.

  • Use rotoscoping, keying, and tracking in diverse situations.

  • Create and animate 3D graphics and projections.

  • Build engaging motion graphics from scratch.

  • Create particle simulations for custom VFX.

This Course Offers

 8 hours of video lessons.

12 projects with all footage and Fusion files.

A checklist for integration and process flow for keying.

Exercise footage that you may use on YouTube or in your demo reel.

Discussion board to ask questions or message the instructor for direct support.

Lifetime access and a 30-day money back guarantee - no questions asked!

Downloadable lessons for offline viewing.

Accurate English subtitles.

Low Price

Full lifetime access for a low one-time price. No risk thanks to our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the Course!
  • 2
    Quick Start - Your First Sky Replacement
  • 3
    Fusion Basics - Foundations for your Projects
    • Intro to the Basics Chapter
    • Download Package for Basics
    • Interface
    • Tools
    • Masks
    • Animation and Motion Blur
    • Loader and Saver
    • Rendering
    • Organizing the Flow Area
    • Spline Editor
    • Creating a Shadow
    • Section Review
  • 4
    Integration for VFX and Motion Graphics
    • Intro to Integration
    • Download Package for Integration
    • Timeline Editor
    • Color Tools
    • Displace and Shadow Tools
    • Noise and Grain
    • Checklist for Integration
    • Section Review
  • 5
    Tracking - Follow the Action
    • Intro to Tracking
    • Download Package for Tracking
    • Point tracking
    • Stabilization
    • Matchmoving
    • Corner Positioning
    • Tracking and Masking
    • Section Review
  • 6
    Keying - Not only for Blue & Green Screen
    • Intro to Keying FREE PREVIEW
    • Download Package for Keying
    • Luma Keyer FREE PREVIEW
    • Ultra Keyer
    • Garbage Matte and Solid Matte
    • Despill
    • Adding Spill and Advanced Despill
    • Combining Keys
    • Primatte Keyer
    • Primatte Keyer - Additional Features (Fusion Studio Only)
    • Delta Keyer
    • Clean Plate
    • Advanced Keying Process
    • Process Flow for Advanced Keying Process
    • Section Review
  • 7
    3D Environment - Motion Graphics and Camera Projection
    • Intro to 3D
    • Download Package for 3D Environment
    • 3D Shapes & Navigation
    • Text 3D
    • Lights
    • Camera and Renderer